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Trusts and Estates

Canandaigua Trusts and Estates Attorneys Meet the Needs of Clients

Western New York firm finds innovative solutions to complex challenges

When making important decisions about how your assets should be allocated, a knowledgeable trusts and estates attorney can outline beneficial options that you might have overlooked. Kenyon & Kenyon in Canandaigua establishes effective, enforceable trusts for Western New York clients and coordinates those instruments with wills and other estate planning measures to develop a comprehensive, personalized plan. We start by learning about your particular needs and then clearly explain how specific solutions can help you meet them. From there, our attorneys make sure that the pertinent documents accurately reflect your wishes and are legally enforceable.

Experienced lawyers prepare various types of trust instruments

In Ontario County and the surrounding region, we counsel clients on the preparation of a wide array of trusts, such as:

  • Revocable living trusts — Living trusts are a popular option among many people because they can be revised or revoked at any time and enable their creators to use trust assets at any time. When the person who made the trust dies, the property goes to named beneficiaries without having to go through probate.  
  • Generation-skipping trusts — Someone who chooses to bequeath funds to their grandchild might be able to avoid significant taxes through this kind of trust.  
  • Special needs trusts — Parents of sons and daughters with special needs sometimes establish these instruments to provide ongoing financial support for their children.
  • Business and insurance trusts — Ownership stakes in a business and life insurance proceeds could be difficult to access and transfer immediately after a death. Developing a trust for these items might make the transition much easier.
  • Family and charitable trusts — If you want the funds you leave to be spent for a particular purpose, such as family members’ education expenses or charitable bequests, a trust can help you achieve your objectives.

When dealing with estate planning and elder law issues, failing to take timely action could put you and your loved ones at risk if something unexpected occurs. It’s best to have solid arrangements in place before you think you might need them.

Proven attorneys handle a full range of trust administration duties

Regardless of whether a trust is being administered after the death of its creator or not, the person or business appointed as trustee must adhere to the terms set forth in the legal instrument. Unlike probate, these responsibilities are usually carried out without court supervision, so assistance from an experienced practitioner is useful to avert problems. Our firm can enforce provisions within a given trust or provide sound guidance to others who are serving in the trustee role.

Skilled litigators represent clients in cases stemming from trust disputes

Whether a trust conflict relates to an alleged breach of fiduciary duty, failure to address debts, undue influence or some other dispute, our attorneys promptly assess the competing claims and press for a resolution that minimizes any depletion of trust resources. If you’re a trustee facing a challenge over the handling of your responsibilities or a beneficiary concerned about trust management, we offer strong advice and support.

Knowledgeable advisers outline key issues related to tax liability

Many people seek to create trusts in order to shift or reduce their tax liability. Should this be a goal of yours, we’ll outline the differences between the tax treatment of revocable and irrevocable trusts so that you can identify the best option. Tax issues also arise for trustees who are legally bound to see that required payments are made to the government. Before you make a move, our experienced lawyers make you aware of the applicable tax laws.

Contact a Western New York trusts and estates attorney for a consultation

Kenyon & Kenyon counsels New York clients on all types of matters pertaining to trusts and estates law. To schedule a meeting at our Canandaigua office, please call 585-577-7577 or contact us online.

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